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Another Vasu Kulkarni Rant About Nuthin'



Startup Advisory Boards – What are you really paying for?

Advisory boards seem to be all the rage these days in the startup world. Having trouble raising money? Let’s give away some of our company to people we think will peddle our shit for us. Don’t have a product to… Continue Reading →

The Art of the Pitch

I started shopping for investors to fund Krossover at the end of 2008. I was 22 years old, working as a consultant in NYC for a measly $65K a year, and had pretty much no money in the bank, having… Continue Reading →

Don’t be afraid to sell your product

Building a company is hard. In fact, they say the hardest part is actually getting started. Once you take the leap and commit yourself, the biggest hurdle is behind you. What’s interesting is that the second hardest thing for entrepreneurs… Continue Reading →

Creating a Culture of Entrepreneurship

The hardest job you have as a CEO of a startup (besides the obvious worry of not making payroll in 2 weeks) is motivating your team (for lack of a better phrase) to not have a life. I realize this… Continue Reading →

Why Pay-To-Pitch Investors Should Be Avoided Like The Plague

My sophomore year at Penn, I came across a reality show on one of those obscure channels that runs the Adult Friend Finder types ads during the day – it was called Startup Junkies. It told the tale of a… Continue Reading →

The Best Advice I Ever Got

A couple of years ago I became friends with one of the biggest CEO’s in the beverage industry. He played ball with me at the Reebok Sports Club and he was a gem of a guy. This was back in… Continue Reading →

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