My old blog, Cereal Entrepreneur, was hacked by the Russians and I couldn’t recover most of it. I also take care of the coolest puppy in the world a couple of times a year, and even though his given name is Coco Chanel, in order to save some shred of his dignity, I call him Coco Pebble. While I already have another pointless website, I figured Coco Pebble was a pretty damn good name for a blog.

I grew up in Bangalore India playing ball, selling music CDs, charging kids to clear their browsing history of porn sites, and also happened to get kicked out of boarding school. I ended up at an Ivy League school regardless, and paid through four years of college by running an eBay business out of my dorm. I was 135 pounds my freshman year at Penn, and it took me three years to bulk up enough to play one season of JV Basketball for the Quakers. I had one double-digit game, scoring 10 points on 3 of 4 shooting from the field. It was the greatest night of my life.

Since graduating in 2008, I have been running a cool startup called Krossover that indexes online video (sports for now) and makes it easy to search, sort, and share that content. I used to think that basketball was the only thing I truly loved, but over the past year I’ve grown quite fond of the startup world (and of course the puppy on the top of this page).

I once tried to write a book called “Ivy League Baloney” – I actually got through 110 pages before writer’s block hit me and I’ve never gone back. At the ripe age of 25, I unfortunately feel that I’ve experienced (note I didn’t say accomplished) a lot, and might as well spoil the party for everyone by telling you about it.

This is a random collection of anecdotes, pictures, videos, and thoughts as I go through the process of trying to survive in NYC as an entrepreneur. If anyone wants to do a rent-a-puppy business, count me in as a co-founder.