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Hey, if LeBron can say it, so can I. I’m just a kid from Bangalore, India – I definitely wasn’t supposed to be here. And so, as we get ready for yet another action packed season of sports this fall at the Krossover offices, I want to take a moment to acknowledge some people, without whom I definitely wouldn’t be here, writing this post.

Carl Wellman – A US Army Veteran who used to babysit me as a kid and make me watch basketball. Without you, I’m not sure I would have ever bothered to watch the ’91 Finals as a 5 year old, which ignited my love for the game. Thank you for choosing basketball instead of Gilligan’s Island to keep me occupied.

Michael Jordan – Well, suffice to say that you not only instilled a passion for the game in me, but you also inspired me to dream. And while I never did get quite as high up off the ground as I would have liked, for a fleeting moment here and there, I think I really did believe that I could fly. Thank you for being the G.O.A.T.

Subhash Mahajan – My high school basketball coach. I’m not sure his X’s and O’s were much better than your average AAU coach, but he singlehandedly ensured that my high school had a team that would compete in as many games as our principal would allow. It’s possible that he spent some of his own money getting us a cement court, instead of the dirt and stone field that we played on for years. He showed up at 6am to open the gates (the equivalent of an American coach opening up the gym), and he stayed past dark to drive us home from games. We always thought he was a little crazy, but I’m not sure if there is another person in India who cares more about spreading the joy of the game. Thank you for keeping the game alive in our lives.

Perry Bromwell – My coach at Penn, who took a chance on me as a senior and let me walk on to play on the JV team. He definitely made me work for it, but he could have just as easily gone with a freshman that would have played for four years. Instead, he went with the skinny Indian kid that didn’t have much skill, but had a whole lot of heart. That double digit game I had against Valley Forge will be one of the last thoughts that leaves my mind as I approach the white light. Thank you for letting me have a jersey for one glorious season.

Sean McInnis – The boy’s basketball coach at King Phillip High School in Wrentham, MA who took a chance on Krossover in May of 2010. You sent us our very first check and signed up to be our very first paying customer. You have no idea how happy you made the entire Krossover team that day. And then you go and turn a 63 game losing streak into a run that ended one game shy of a state championship. Thank you for believing in the 2 kids from New York that were trying to peddle you software at a coaching clinic.

George “Buddy” Carlisle – the legendary Texas high school basketball coach from Clear Creek High School, TX who sent me a cold email in January of 2011, asking if I needed any help selling Krossover. He took us from 50 customers to over 300 that year, mostly because of his dominating the Houston area. At age 60 plus and all sorts of health problems, I don’t know how he keeps doing what he does. Half the time we can’t understand a damn thing you are saying on the phone Buddy, but I sure as heck wish I could have played for you when you were coaching. Thank you for taking a chance on sending me an email.

Rich Czeslawski – The boy’s basketball coach at Crystal Lake Central High School in Crystal Lake, IL who believed in our product even when it crashed and burned over and over again. We got through the toughest time our company has ever gotten through, because of the words of encouragement you sent us, and your resolve to stay with us no matter how many times we screwed up. Thank you for your unwavering support of our organization.

Jason Morrow – The defensive coach for Traverse City West High School in Traverse City, MI who asked a friend to reach out to me and see if we needed any help with our football product. In 6 months of working with our product team, he took us from having a football product that was less than exciting, to one that I believe even an NFL team will use in the coming seasons. I’m so excited to see the reaction from the hundreds of football coaches that will be using Krossover this fall. Thank you for taking time out of your year to help us build the most incredible product the football world has ever seen.

Every Other Coach In The World – I know the sacrifices you make for the sake of your team. You not only have to be a father/ mother at home, but also to a group of rowdy teenagers in the gym. I know how much you care about winning, and how you would do anything for that extra edge. I know that budgets are tight, and still being cut, so you take a little money out of your own pocket for the team to have nicer gear. I know you’re not the most tech savvy person – we often roll our eyes in the office when we see a support ticket saying you can’t remember your password. We groan in frustration every time we hear you say that you’ve got “the Hudl thing”, not realizing that if you gave us 5 minutes of your time, you’d realize how different Krossover is, and how much we could help your team (not to mention your personal life). But we also smile with glee when we get an email letting us know that you won a district championship, and we give each other high fives when we hear one of your kids is going to be playing D1 next year. YOU are the reason my 50 Krossover guys and girls wake up and come to work every morning. Thank you for letting Krossover be a part of your journey each season.