The following is my message to the staff of Krossover on January 28th, 2017.

I thought about writing you on November 8th, and didn’t. I thought about it on the 20th, and again stayed silent. But given the past week, I felt it imperative to speak up. We are going through some troubling times in our country, and it is important that we continue to maintain our values through it all.

The part about Krossover that makes me most proud, is our diversity. We employ people from all backgrounds – White, Black, Asian, Latino, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and in the case of some of us, the Church of Basketball. Our diversity is why we have built such an amazing place to work. I am the son of immigrants, and was lucky enough to be born here, granting me that ever coveted American passport. I did nothing to deserve this – I may very well have ended up being born in India, and it’s possible I would have never been allowed to start this company. The same holds true for those of you who are citizens – you likely did nothing to deserve this, you were just lucky enough to be born into it. You may just as likely have been born a Syrian with next to no rights.

Regardless of your political views, the only thing you will ever be judged on at Krossover, is whether you get the job done. However, there are values of basic human decency that we hold to be even more important than your skills. Today, we unfortunately realized that there are people in this country who do not share those same values that we once took for granted. This is not who we are as Krossover employees. This is not who we are as New Yorkers. And this sure as hell is not who we are as Americans. Yet, in this moment of utter chaos, thousands of people came together today and forced a federal judge to (at least temporarily) stand up for what is right.

I urge all of you to get involved. Let your voice be heard. Take a stand for your fellow co-worker who may not necessarily be feeling very safe right now. If you see something wrong in public, step up and lend a helping hand. March. Tweet. Post. Donate. Call. Scream if you must. Every little bit helps.

I’ve received several messages from people online, asking why I would risk my reputation by making politically charged statements. They have a point. But if I don’t, then who will? If we all choose to stay silent to protect our reputation, this country has a legitimate chance of crumbling into the dark ages. We must stand up for what is right, not what is easy. I realize this is easy for me to say when I have no boss per say to answer to, but know that I stand by every single one of you.

This is a country built by immigrants, and this is a company built by immigrants. We rely on thousands of people overseas to be able to operate our business. It’s easy to forget that regardless of the color of our skin or the God we worship, we are all part of the human race. I stand with every one of you today, sad, but hopeful that we will come together and make the American dream a reality once again, for people of all color and creed.

In solidarity,