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Another Vasu Kulkarni Rant About Nuthin'



When Life As You Know It, Changes Forever

We all have events in our lives that are so impactful, we will forever remember where we were when they happened. I remember where I was when the OJ Simpson chase occurred on live TV (my damn NBA Finals game… Continue Reading →

Pick One Thing …. Make It Your Life

I write this as I fight back tears, reading a tweet that Andrew Smith has passed away. Yet another person snatched away too soon by cancer. I didn’t know Andrew. Never met the guy. He’s nobody to me. But I… Continue Reading →

What I Learned in 2015

By any account, 2015 was definitely one of the most interesting years of my life, though I think it’s been fair to say that every year since 1986 (the year I was born) has been at least marginally more exciting… Continue Reading →

Why I Hire Athletes At My Startup

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is probably the company that comes to mind when you talk about hiring college athletes. They spend a good chunk of money running commercials during the NCAA Tournament, claiming to be one of the biggest recruiters of athletes…. Continue Reading →

God is real, and I have proof

So ummm yeah, this happened.   Tweet

Thank You

Hey, if LeBron can say it, so can I. I’m just a kid from Bangalore, India – I definitely wasn’t supposed to be here. And so, as we get ready for yet another action packed season of sports this fall… Continue Reading →

Reflecting Back On a Quarter Century

I’m actually 27, so this post is probably 2 years over due. Or we can assume that since for the first 2 years of my life, all I did was eat, sleep, and shit (my mom says that’s pretty much… Continue Reading →

Sports – The Great Equalizer

It’s 2:30am on a Sunday night and I can’t sleep. I tossed and turned for 3 hours and finally got out of bed because I was tired of staring at the ceiling. It’s a good thing I don’t have to… Continue Reading →

Wear Your Passion On Your Sleeve

I’ve been giving a lot of talks lately (in fact someone offered me money to be a keynote speaker a few weeks ago – they must be crazy, I know), and one of the topics that I always make a… Continue Reading →

A Look Ahead

5 years ago, I was a JV kid in a dorm room at Penn, coming up with the idea for a business that would marry my two passions – sports and technology. Never in a million years could I have… Continue Reading →

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