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Sports – The Great Equalizer

It’s 2:30am on a Sunday night and I can’t sleep. I tossed and turned for 3 hours and finally got out of bed because I was tired of staring at the ceiling. It’s a good thing I don’t have to… Continue Reading →

Wear Your Passion On Your Sleeve

I’ve been giving a lot of talks lately (in fact someone offered me money to be a keynote speaker a few weeks ago – they must be crazy, I know), and one of the topics that I always make a… Continue Reading →

A Look Ahead

5 years ago, I was a JV kid in a dorm room at Penn, coming up with the idea for a business that would marry my two passions – sports and technology. Never in a million years could I have… Continue Reading →

The Conference Room CEO

The first 2 years of running Krossover, we didn’t have an office. We were bootstrapping at first, and then we raised just a few hundred thousand Dollars in angel funding, which in a city like NYC does not go very… Continue Reading →

Twitter is Filled With Plenty of Assholes, But My Faith In Humanity Has Been Somewhat Restored

I was late to the twitter party. Facebook? I was probably one of the first 25,000 people with an account, but I didn’t jump on the twitter bandwagon until it was filled with tons of bots and trolls. I didn’t… Continue Reading →

Why It’s Okay To Fuck Up Sometimes

Entrepreneurs and technologists like to build products. Everyone wants to be in a product oriented company. Even the best developers who start out in a services shop, all end up jumping ship to go work on some fancy product somewhere…. Continue Reading →

Startup Hiring

Given the nature of our work at Krossover (sports) we have a ton of inbound interest on a daily basis from a lot of people wanting to come “follow their passion to their dream job”. I also get a get… Continue Reading →

Day 8 of Google Glass – Almost Got Hitched Because of Glass

Slow day in Glass world. Spent most of the day watching tennis at home with Coco, so we have lots of cute pictures. On the way to grab some dinner, a group of Indian girls stopped me in the middle… Continue Reading →

Day 7 – Google Glass at the July 4th Macy’s Fireworks Show

Note: All pictures and videos in this post are taken with Glass unless otherwise noted. Today was a holiday, and Coco the dog was here as well, which meant lots of outdoor time, and therefore lots of Google Glass time…. Continue Reading →

Day 4 – Google Glass in the Workplace

Today was my first full day with a packed house in the office. Oddly enough, other than a couple of new guys mentioning it, and a couple of others wanting to try it, nothing too interesting happened. I did however… Continue Reading →

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