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Another Vasu Kulkarni Rant About Nuthin'

Stand up!

The following is my message to the staff of Krossover on January 28th, 2017. Team, I thought about writing you on November 8th, and didn’t. I thought about it on the 20th, and again stayed silent. But given the past… Continue Reading →

How Did We End Up Here?

My fellow Americans (and make no mistake, despite my name and the color of my skin, I am most definitely as American as they come – I love nachos and sports and using credit cards), For the past 2 months, I… Continue Reading →

It’s Not About Politics – It’s About Basic Decency

I recently got into a Twitter exchange with a Donald Trump supporter, who also turned out to be a customer of ours. For starters, I have nothing against anyone regardless of their political affiliation. Happy to do business with one and all… Continue Reading →

A Plea And An Offer To Every Overwhelmed College Student

I’ve been shocked and saddened by the number of student suicide stories I’ve read in the news over the past few years, almost all from big name schools like Penn and Cornell. I simply could not fathom how a young person… Continue Reading →

F*ck Failing Fast. How About We Try To Win Instead?

I recently watched a 15 minute video of Simon Sinek absolutely destroying millennials and it certainly hit home for me. Not necessarily because I’m a millennial (I think I missed that mark by a solid 14 years if we’re being… Continue Reading →

Sitting on Both Sides of The Table – A Year in Review

Pretty much exactly a year ago to the day, we officially launched Courtside Ventures, an early stage venture fund focussed on making investments in passionate entrepreneurs at the intersection of sports, media and technology. A lot of people raised their… Continue Reading →

8 things I’ve learned in 8 years of business

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been out of college for 8 years now (granted I checked out mentally about three and a half years before that). Regardless, having been at this whole “being a businessman” thing for a while… Continue Reading →

The Game I Wished Would Never End

I’m definitely still in shock. It hasn’t sunk in, as I’m sure is the case for the people for whom an NBA Championship actually matters – the players, the owners, and the real fans. You see, I’m just a super fan… Continue Reading →

When Life As You Know It, Changes Forever

We all have events in our lives that are so impactful, we will forever remember where we were when they happened. I remember where I was when the OJ Simpson chase occurred on live TV (my damn NBA Finals game… Continue Reading →

Introducing Courtside Ventures

Growing up in India, watching NBA games at 5:30am in the morning, I would always stare in awe at the people sitting courtside on TV, wondering who they were, and what one had to do to sit there. I saw… Continue Reading →

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