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Another Vasu Kulkarni Rant About Nuthin'

The Biggest Purchase of Every Man’s Life

No, I’m not talking about that damn diamond ring which is eventually gonna cost you at least half your net worth (more if you don’t get divorced). I’m talking about the one thing that every man needs to own –… Continue Reading →

Testing Out the New Krossover Embed Player


How One Blog Post Changed My Perspective

On any given day, my blog gets an average of 11 visitors. Nobody reads my shit. I also don’t blog all that frequently, and when I do, other than 1 tweet and 1 share on Facebook, I do very little… Continue Reading →

A Plea And An Offer To Every Overwhelmed College Student

I’ve been shocked and saddened by the number of student suicide stories I’ve read in the news over the past few years, almost all from big name schools like Penn and Cornell. I simply could not fathom how a young person… Continue Reading →

All is Fair in Love, War, and Startups

I’ve never been one to follow rules. Frankly, my mantra in life has always been that rules are made to be broken. It’s why I didn’t listen to my parents when they told me to stop using the internet and go… Continue Reading →

What I Learned In Two Hours From Warren Buffet

My line of works allows me the luxury of constantly being in situations where I get to meet famous people, especially athletes. My Twitter feed and Facebook photos are proof enough of the absolutely ridiculous things I’ve gotten to do in… Continue Reading →

Why I Hire Athletes At My Startup

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is probably the company that comes to mind when you talk about hiring college athletes. They spend a good chunk of money running commercials during the NCAA Tournament, claiming to be one of the biggest recruiters of athletes…. Continue Reading →

Why Startups Are REALLY Hard.

The last year has brought to light an alarming number of suicides in the entrepreneurial community. While we may never know exactly what it was that drove these people to take their own lives, it’s not too hard for me… Continue Reading →

God is real, and I have proof

So ummm yeah, this happened.   Tweet

Why the Most Important Trait of an Entrepreneur is Having a Sense of Humor

I’ve written enough posts about why entrepreneurship is tough, and so has everyone else. From a roller coaster ride to severe depression and fear of failing, there are a million reasons why you shouldn’t try to build a huge company,… Continue Reading →

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